Sherbet Lemons by Dobsons


Sherbet Lemons by Dobsons 00025
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  • The Finest Handcrafted Boiled Sweets
  • A boiled lemon sweet encasing a sharp, tangy lemon sherbet.
  • Dobsons boiled sweets are famous for quality and the Sherbet Lemons are a long-lasting favourite with customers. These wrapped sweets have a crunchy lemon outer that crunches through to provide a mouth watering hit of lemon sherbet.
  • We supply them to you in 300grams, 500grams or a one kilo bulk bag so you can pack them as gifts.…a Victorian sweet jar, or in smaller bags
Sherbet Lemons (6.99)
Sherbet Lemons (11.99)
One kilo bulk bag
Sherbet Lemons (19.99)
Sherbet Lemons by Dobsons
Sherbet Lemons by Dobsons